The Canton of Canton of Bryniau Twynnog invites you to Wassail on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at St. Agatha Community Centre (1793 Erb’s Road, St Agatha ON).

 The year is 1527 A.D., and in the sweltering jungles of the Yucatan, groups of Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors are staking their claim to the rich lands of the Mayans in order to take their gold before the others do!

  Choose your side, and take part in the many activities of the day to claim territories on the map of the Yucatan. The most effective conquistadores not only win the lion's share of the gold and bragging rights, but also get first crack at the ships rations - also known as the Pot Luck Feast!


--UPDATE (Dec 7th)--

Just a friendly request to all those planning on attending Wassail not to bring any oranges or similar citrus-based things, on account of severe food allergies of Ealdormere's favourite now-innocent Viking Chick (TM).


Spanish Team Captain: Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

Portuguese Team Captain: THLord Albrecht Stampfer



Adult: $12.00

Child (under 14): $6.00

NMS: $5.00

Lunch: $6.00 ($5.00 for the Vegetarian option)