Other Activities



Mayan Treasure Hunt!: We need our most skilled young trackers to find supplies, weapons and - most importantly - the treasures of the Mayans before the other side does! Hidden around the event site are numerous items each side needs to conquer the Yucatan. Whoever finds all the items and returns to their Team Captain gets to claim a territory. Prizes will be awarded to all our participating youngsters!


Paper Snowflakes: Though it might be incredibly warm here in the Gulf of Mexico, many of our Conquistadors long for the snows of home. Help remind them of winter with the help of Lord Adnar and some scissors to make snowflakes to hang up on the hall or give to your friends and family! (This activity does not result in a territory capture).



Wassail Food Drive: We will be doing is a food drive for the Waterloo Region Food Bank as one of the territory-claiming events this year. The side that donates the most food (by weight) will capture a territory. So bring your food items and make sure you can tuck into Feast before the other guys!


The Slaughered Ram Board Games Tournament: Hey, conquering the Yucatan is thirsty work! Come relax in our very own Den of Inequity, the Slaughtered Ram, and join in Lord Cu Allaidh Dona's Tourney of Games! Play one of several games at your leisure throughout the day, and score a point for your side every time you win. At the end of the day, the side that has scored the most points can claim a territory.


Games include Backgammon, Chess, Nine Man Morris, Hnefatafl, Noddy... and it is rumoured some sinful card games might also be included (gasp!).


Dietrich von Sachsen's Bardic Challenge: The Bard of Ramshaven has challenged the Bards of the Baronies and the Shires to win the affections of the people through their art this Wassail! As our fighters and fencers take time to enjoy some lunch, each of our Bardic champions will regale the hall with the songs of the challenge. Each bard will first perform the song extolling the virtues of their home group. This is to be followed up by each champion's "open topic" song.

Every gentle will be given a coin; after the open topic songs are sung, select your favourite tune by placing your coin in the bowl of the bard who most pleased you. Prizes will be awarded to all bards, including a special prize to the winner of the competition!


Best Cookie Competition: In addition to doing our usual Wassail Cookie Exchange, we will be holding a competition for the best cookies. So bake some extra holiday treats and join in!


Best Wassail Contest: And what would Wassail be without Wassail! Make your own wassail dish to share to refresh the populace. Due to site restrictions, the Wassail must, sadly, be non-alchoholic.


Creative Toast/Boast Contest: In medieval times, toasts (and the almost inevitably accompanying boasts) were a major part of feasts, where heroes would extoll their deeds and skalds would recall the great battles and sagas of old. Throughout the day, gentles can submit a mead-hall boast to be read aloud at feast. Winner will be chosen by loudest applause.

A typical boast might include...

  • Self-identification (I am . . .)
  • Your immediate ancestry and something about your lineage
  • Boasts of at least three past achievements and/or skills
  • Praise the King/Queen and the Hosts of the Hall
  • Boast of an achievement to come
  • Alliterative phrases (monster-mashing, Grendel grater, etc.)
  • No more than 20 -25 lines (they don't need to rhyme)