Schedule of Events



Armoured Combat

Rapier Combat

Youth Activities

9:00 AM

Site Opens




10:00 AM


Inspections Begin

11:00 AM

The Slaughtered Ram Opens (all day until court)



Toys for Tots Tournament



Toys for Tots Tournament

Jobjorn’s Tots for Toys Tournament;


Paper Snowflakes (all day until court)

12:00 PM

Slaughtered Ram Board Games Tournament (all day until court)

1:00 PM

Lunch Counter Opens



Mayan Treasure Hunt

2:00 PM

Baronial Bardic Challenge



3:00 PM

Best Cookie Competition


Conquistadors Battle


4:00 PM

Best Wassail Competition


5:00 PM



6:00 PM





7:00 PM

Best Toast/Boast Competition followed by Feast




8:00 PM